Friday and Saturday

bodyweight 500

20 jump squats
20 spider man push ups
20 lunge jumps
15 pull ups
25 prisoner squats
20 push ups
20 bodyweight rows
20 lunge step backs
20 hip bridges
20 toe touches
50 jumping jacks

repeat x2 for a total of 500 reps

55 push ups
5×10 bodyweight shoulder press

200 jumping jacks
5×10 36″ cone tuck jumps
3×10 bodyweight shoulder press

circuit (all rounds 45 seconds, 15 seconds to move to next)

two ten minute rounds with two minutes rest…

30 lb single arm kettle bell swing x10 each arm, x2 catch and throw each arm
36″ cone tuck jump
bosu plank
around the world ball push up (one hand on, both hands on, other hand on)
bodyweight shoulder press
elevated bench full range sit up
dips (5, rest, 5, rest, 5 for a total of 15)
knee raises (ten straight leg, 15 tucked to each side, finish with tucks to the middle)
5 lb. weighted jacks
ball slams

Found out that the gym closes early on Saturday in the middle of the first set of Crossfit bears (front clean, front squat, shoulder press, back squat, shoulder press, repeat).
Will get to these tomorrow.


blueberry scone
medium coffee 12 oz
ice water 10 oz

organic apple

peanut butter Clif bar
16 oz water

25g myoplex protein drink
16oz water
6 oz coffee

Two slices peanut butter Ezekiel toast
three kashi crackers with cheddar
30 oz H20

Jacks, split runs,squats, push ups warm up 3 minutes.

circuit x3:
single arm dumbbell rows on bench 40 lb. x15, 60 lb. x12,, 70 lb. x8
bodyweight row x20, x10/10, x10/8
barrel row x17, 15, 15
double band pull x15, 15, 15

rest 15 seconds between exercises, one minute between circuits

pulls (3 second ascend, 3 second descend, no swing)
5 pull ups, rest
5 chin ups, rest
5 mixed grip (one hand pronated, one hand supinated), rest
5 mixed grip, rest

bicep curls on barbell
65 lb.
x7 wide grip
x7 middle grip
x7 close grip

x7 wide grip
x7 middle grip
65lb. x6 close grip

dumbbell bicep curls
30 lb dumbbell x10 each arm, 90 degree isolation x8
two sets

russian twists x50
bicycles x100, followed by speed bikes to failure


25g. myoplex protein
24 oz. h20
6 oz. coffee

16 oz H2O

peanut butter sandwich on ezekiel bread

not so good tuna salad on romaine from not so hot Argentinian restaurant.
32 oz H2O

1Tspn peanut butter

Moving sucks! Second load packed and ready to go, then on to bed before a 5AM wake up.


Ezekiel cereal with black berries and unsweetened soy milk
16oz Vitamin Water energy drink

Started the day with an outdoor training session at Legion park…

Starbucks big old Iced coffee and banana, H2O.

…and moved on to Morningside park for our group class. A fun one of moving through the whole park with exercises including picnic table jumps, bar flips, stone turns, basketball court running and one arm push up practice.

After that, went to the gym and we hit legs….

squat 135lb x10 concentrating on maximum depth
super setted with 25 lb. dumbbell lunges x20
3 sets

85lb clean/front squat x10
super setted with 25 lb. balance step downs from platform x10 each leg
3 sets

barbell good mornings x15 (did a set of deadlifts with 135, i’ve decided that deadlifting is only once a month) 3 sets
hamstring drops x10 3 sets

225 lb calf raises on leg press machine x30 3 sets
followed by…

seated calf raises
135 x20
160 x12
185 x12
185 x12
drop set x25 (peter was pulling plates off…thanks dude)

stretch, protein (1 scoop soy protein, 1 scoop egg protein, ovaltine, oatmeal, water), water.

On to the Garage to hang out .

Clif bar, two cups coffee, bite of vegan cupcake from Sweat Records.

Went to Legion park and played one game of hustle (21-?-? W), two games of three on three with Bink and Jeremy against the park youngins (7-0 shut out W, 18-16 comeback W) and another game of three man hustle (19-21-? L)

Spinach, broccoli, chicken, left over veggie curry. Lots of H2O.


Sunday I spent the day walking around Detroit, looking at its decaying infrastructure. A depressing city. Monday traveled, no workout.

Today, did a push pull circuit of bosu push ups, rope climbs, elevated push ups, barrel rows, and kettle bell swings.

Later on did some strength/explosion work.
Bodyweight chin ups x19
45 lb. weighted chin ups x4, 3, 3.
I did these very slow with a three second pull and five second drop.
Thinking about getting a weighted vest as having a 45 lb. plate hanging between my legs is more than a bit cumbersome.

Moved onto circuits of:
60 lb single arm dumbbell swing x5 each arm
60 lb single arm dumbbell snatch x5 each arm
10 burpees
No rest between exercises, three sets with a minute between circuits.

7:30pm abs circuit with group class

8pm did 6 350 meter sprints at 56 seconds with 75 seconds rest. Knives in my stomach on the last two.


Played a couple of games one on one with Bink. I’m still feeling the dead lifts on my lower back so it’s a full day off from the weights, full day on with music. Finally getting hungry for real music again. It feels good.