Chest, shoulders, triceps.
Lots of isolation movement.
Incline chest press@ 135 x10, 155 x8, 155×6, 155×6
supersetted with pliometric push ups to failure (10, 8, 8, 7)
Seated dip machine….this one was funny. Last week I worked out with Zolton and put a bunch of weight on it. I guess I didn’t understand how much push he was putting on my negative movement. I had to take plates off twice before I could do it.
Anyway, 3 sets with 160lb.
Decline chest press
155 x10, 155×10, 175×6, 175×6 (thanks for the spot Mark).
Smith machine shoulder press
65lbx10, 95lbx8, 115lbx8
supersetted with plate squeeze drop (grab a plate, squeeze it hard, lift your arms straight out, slowly drop arm to front, elbows locked)
25lbx12, 35lbx10, 35lbx10
shoulder sets
seated lateral raise, seated front raise, 90 degree short shoulder raise all at 15lb each arm x10 each, immediately followed by rear deltoid lift 30lb each arm x10
repeat x2
lying medial deltoid raise 15lb x10 each arm, 2 sets
triceps pushdown 100lbx10, 120lbx10, 110lbx10
supersetted with slow drop tricep pushups (drop to stomach, not chest, no thumb used for grip) to failure (8,7,6)

stretch, protein, shower, a little music work, more food, nap.