Sunday I spent the day walking around Detroit, looking at its decaying infrastructure. A depressing city. Monday traveled, no workout.

Today, did a push pull circuit of bosu push ups, rope climbs, elevated push ups, barrel rows, and kettle bell swings.

Later on did some strength/explosion work.
Bodyweight chin ups x19
45 lb. weighted chin ups x4, 3, 3.
I did these very slow with a three second pull and five second drop.
Thinking about getting a weighted vest as having a 45 lb. plate hanging between my legs is more than a bit cumbersome.

Moved onto circuits of:
60 lb single arm dumbbell swing x5 each arm
60 lb single arm dumbbell snatch x5 each arm
10 burpees
No rest between exercises, three sets with a minute between circuits.

7:30pm abs circuit with group class

8pm did 6 350 meter sprints at 56 seconds with 75 seconds rest. Knives in my stomach on the last two.