I learned what real dead lifting is.
Warm up with cable lat pull downs, medium weight. Moved onto Smith machine rows with 95, 115, 135.


Dead lift
135lb. x15

Not a lot of weight, but I’ve never dead lifted more than 135, ever, period. WOW. My whole lower back is sore, not bad sore but I’m more aware than ever how seriously involved the lower back is involved in everything. Everything.
Moved on to some trapezius work and got finished with serious bicep work, all sets going 12, 10, 8.

Not my usual protocol but I’m working with an old-school trainer learning the body builder routines, soaking it in and seeing what it’s all about. He’s a well of knowledge and I’m enjoying his push. A whole different kind of pain, very quick and concentrated and it goes away as quickly as it comes. I’m used to endurance pain that comes, stays and fades only after time. This is intense, pointed struggle. Filling muscle with maximum force and seeing if you can push more. Running a mile at top speed certainly takes more mental focus and is, in my opinion, more grueling, but I can see the allure of the battle against heavy objects and I’m certainly not immune.

Today I did a good chunk of our morning class and rested the rest of the day outside of a few 55lb barbell jump squats and rear shoulder presses I did just because the bar was there.

We did a good full cleaning of the space today….swept, double mopped, vacuumed, polished, etc.