Morning class was a good one.
Sprints, ladder and cone drills, burpees, band work, more sprints, slams, drills, planks, push ups and long jump burpees to finish. It was a very humid day so the sweat was a pourin’.

After that, on to the gym for

-bicep curl/shoulder press super sets 25lbx15, 35lbx12, 40 lbx10
-farmer walk @ 75lb 45 seconds (grab a heavy weight, walk slowly for time, put weight down.)
-side to side pull ups 3 setsx10
-clean and press@65lb 2 setsx10
-lat cable pull down@70lb each side x12
-L pull ups 3 sets x10
-body up pull ups (knees and chin go over bar, body is flat as possible) 3 sets x8
-kneeling lat pull downs 100lb each arm x3 sets
-kneeling one arm pull backs 110lb each arm x10 each arm 3 sets no rest
-hanging pelvic pull up (hang arms, pull pelvis and thus core up as far as possible) 3 sets of 8

protein, water, stretch.