Saturday was a rest day, watched basketball, ate Andiamo pizza (!!!) and shopped for mothers day.

Now listening to the classic DJ Unibomber-Do A Trick Or Something mixtape from 1998. SO good. Also listened to the Rub’s 1994 hip hop mix during the workout. Solid as a rock man. Nothing but classic hip hop mixed perfectly.


Warm up…
50 jumping jacks
20 sit ups
20 push ups

Circuit one x3
squat@135lb x15
Ring push up x10
deadlift@135lb x10
Ring dip x10
rest 60 seconds between circuits

Circuit two x2
40lb kettlebell swing x8 each arm
arms only rope climb x2 first set/x1 second set
single arm dumbbell chest press@60lb x8 first set/x6 second set
split jump overhead dumbbell press@35lb each arm x10

cardio circuit…
30 seconds each exercise x2 for a total of 10 minutes…grueling.
jumping jacks
split jumps
mountain climbers
high knee running
ball slam
tuck jump
plank hold

core circuit x2

bicycles x100 set one/x200 set two
jump bridges x10 set one/single leg jump bridges x6 each leg second set
turkish get up @ 40lb x4 each side set one/x5 each side set two
side plank hip raises x10 with hold each rep

protein, water, laundry time.