EMOM 17 (Weight)
EOMOM for 16 minutes:
Clean up to a heavy double, 8 total sets.

Technique before load. Power or full as mobility & ability allow. No touch & go, reset for each lift.
Rest to 20 minutes then start 800’s.
3 x 800 meter run (3 Rounds for time)
Take your current best mile time, cut it in half, then take 10 seconds off. This is your goal pace.

On a 7 minute clock.


Abdominal Supplement 47 (No Measure)
5 Rounds:
20 Straight Legged Sit Ups
30 Russian Twists
30 Second straight arm v-hold

Use a medball light enough to keep moving.
Do it. Again. Every single day this week. Abs don’t rest.

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