Wednesday was a rest day, with a few pull ups in slow motion, along with a warm up in order to do some solid stretching routines. The Fight Gone Bad really took its toll leaving my hamstrings sore for the whole week.

Thursday I had the opportunity to play basketball at the home of Bee Gee great Barry Gibb. A full court, 15 guys and games until no one could keep going. A great way to spend an evening. I left sweaty, tired and smiling.

Friday was another light day as Sunday is the first in the Key Biscayne Triathlon trilogy. Did some of the morning class core work as well as the evening class warm up and leg/glute/core work.

Today, no work out. A full rest day and carb loading, as well as a much needed bike tune up, goggle test and gear readying. Time to see how these newly explosive legs put up with an hour of straight GO!