CrossFit Kids starts at CrossFit A1A Monday January 30th!

6-9 year olds: 3:30-4:15pm
10-13 year olds: 4:15-5pm

First week free!

CrossFit A1A, CrossFit 305, Stirling Road CrossFit, CrossFit 262 – RELOADED

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Good to the Last Drop (Time)

For time:

Row 1000 meters

25 Bar Touch Burpees

When the clock strikes 10 minutes, perform the following :

Three rounds of:

50 walking lunge steps

20 Push Ups

When the clock strikes 20 minutes, perform the following for quality:

Three rounds of:

10 Side Plank Hip Bridges/side

10 plank kick backs/side

10 plank knee to elbow, cross body (5 per side)

Note time for the first portion only. The second portion should be done quickly, but with a focus on GREAT push up form and unbroken lunges. The third portion will be counted out by your coach, stick with the pace.