Strong Man Seminar at CrossFit 305 April 9th. The seminar is 2 hours, learn atlas stones, sandbags, and how to flip tractor tires! Only 10 spots available ask a coach to sign up today! $50

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Weighted Pull Up EMOM 10 (Weight)

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes, perform one weighted pull up. If you don’t have a pull up yet, do 1 negative as slow as possible. Use dbs, kbs or plates w/ belts.

Dubs n’ Dumbs (Time)

100 Double Unders

100 DB Power Snatches 50/35

100 Double Unders

RX+ = 200 dubs, Squat Snatch

Snatch is alternating. Answer this question before choosing RX: Did you do RX weight for 17.1? Scale to Hang Power Snatch if mobility does not allow full ROM.

16 minute time cap