Crossfit’s Helen:

Three rounds for time:
1.Sprint quarter mile
2. 21 60 lb. two arm overhead db swing (in place of 54 lb. kettlebell)
3. 12 pull ups (kipping allowed)


The last quarter mile sucked, wobbly legs. The swings were cake round one, then harder but manageable round two, then slippery…required a grip change midway through set three. The pull ups were easy rounds one and two, broken into 6 and six round three.

full body light lifts..sets of ten on everything x3

Went outside in a sticky 93 degreeswith Otto, strapped on the 40 lb. vest and went five rounds of:
1. Run park lap (about 350 yards)
2. 20 40 lb. overhead kettlebell swings
3. pull ups

The 40 lb. vest plus the heat made this a really tough sweaty one. The run felt soooooo slow, the swings were okay. pullups were done three and three for six on rounds one and two, Five and five with a foot touch on each rep sets three and four, five times two with a jump for the first of each two on round five.

45 minute aerobic leg and core session.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday….
Eat, drink, be merry.