4×400 meter
two minute rest between.
Done on the Garage Road track.
Tight 90 degree turns, dogs barking, pedestrian dodging.


Goal was under four minutes total, got it.

Went inside and created….

Heavy Pickle

100 lb. Heavy bag squat
100 lb. heavy bag alternating plio push up
100 lb. heavy bag wall flip
100 lb. heavy bag mountain climber (knee must strike bag)
100 lb. heavy bag jump over

40 seconds each exercise, moving from one to the next for a total of three minutes.
Total number of reps is your score.


Dead lift 135 x15
DB Chest Press 40lb x15
Overhead DB press 35lb x15
Squat 135 x15

Repeat x3
Minimal rest between exercises, 60 seconds between super sets

Five minutes rest.
Three minutes burpees-45
three minutes rest
Heavy Pickle-205

Somewhere in there I sprained my right big toe. Dumb ass.