10 miles on the bike.
Realized that I can shift gears on the bike and not the rear wheel trainer. Helps out.
10 miles, 21:53, 27.3 mph
I’m not sure how accurate the speed/time is with this thing, but It’s getting to be a good feeling on the bike, can’t wait to upgrade to a better, more fitted bike and see what happens.

Two thousand dollars of geometric speed…

To credit card debt or not to credit card debt…that is the question.

3:45 pm

Infinite Intensity Day 18

A. 2 dumbbell split snatch (side variation)
5 sets, 3 reps each, 45 seconds rest.
40lb, 40 lb, 60 lb, 40 lb, 40lb
B. 2 dumbbell push press
5 sets, 3 reps each, 45 seconds rest.
45 seconds rest
C1. One arm push up, hand on cinder block
4 sets, 5 per arm (Last set had assisted positive)
C2. 25 lb Sand filled basketball Shot Put
4 sets, 5 per arm (supersetted with C1)
60 seconds rest per set, no rest between C1, C2
D1. Dumbbell Lunges
4 sets, 5 per leg
70 lb first set, 60 last three sets
D2. Lunge Jumps (same as alternating lunges, just jump it)
4 sets, 10 reps (supersetted with D1)
60 seconds rest per set, no rest between D1, D2

Finisher: Double arm DB swings (db”s go from between legs in squat position to straight over head in standing position).
25 lb per arm, 3 sets, 15 reps, 30 seconds rest per set.

Sitting here typing this, I couldn’t sit still. The sweat still hadn’t dried from earlier, I knew I had my ball shoes in the car…Screw it, basketball courts it is.
Warmed up with single arm grab and hangs on the rim.

Three games of full court to eleven. Picked up a young girl that didn’t speak english to run the point and she kicked ass. Two younger guys played with us. No hustle, no passes, set a pick for em, roll and get no feed. The fifth guy was a hustler that kept getting beat on D by an old school fireplug from the other team. It’s something to see schooled ball players play with completely blind, bad shooting, bad passing players. We won two in a row and were down 9-8 when the lights got shut off.

Time for burgers and bed. MEAT!!!