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Warm-up (No Measure)

6 minute AMRAP

Row 100 meters

Run 100 meters

5 samson lunges/leg

5 wall balls

5 strict burpees

5 broad jumps (not maximal)

Rest and prepare for 4 minutes. WOD starts at at 10:00 (coaches please re-start clock to zero)


The Back Nine (Time)

200 foot Burpee Broad Jump

Run 1000 meters

Row 1000 meters

Run 1000 meters

200 meter Farmers Carry (35/53)/(53/70)

Run 1000 meters

300 foot Walking Lunge (0/0)/(25/45)*

Run 1000 meters

75/100 Wall Balls (10/14)/(14/10)**

Coaches notes: stagger start as needed – once all athletes have completed burpees set rowers out or pre-set them out of the way. Burpees and lunges are on a 50 foot course.

Feet must cross the line before turning or you will be sent back to the previous start line.

*Load with a heavier sandbag as desired.

**Pick a weight that you can do 100 reps unbroken with. Form before weight on this.


Metcon (Weight)

TABATA, 8 SETS :20 ON / :10 OFF*

MOVT 1 — DB Hammer Curl

MOVT 2 — DB Bent Over Row

*Choose a weight that you can hold onto for all 4:00. Try to go unbroken.

(Score is Load)