Sunday was a rest day, a good layoff and set up for the week.

Deadlift x5
Burpee x10
5 rounds for time.

Pete-4:20 @225
Dan -5:39 @225

Pete-Olympic Lift practice
Dan-Bench Press 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 4, 6

Split snatch
Seven rounds of one rep max
165, 175, 185, 200, 200, 200, 205
165, 175, 185, 190(f) 145(x2), 190, 185, 190

Dan-Tabata Squat (20 sec on/10 sec off, 8 rounds) 134 reps
3 minute plank

Run 400m
15 L pull ups
15 back extensions
As many rounds as possible 20 minutes
Pete-4 plus 5th run

Dan-90 minutes yoga

This week working on setting new goals (handstand push ups, 5 minute mile, 5k under 18:00, 7 muscle ups, and a few off in the distance that are not for immediate disclosure.
I have really noticed the balance of what we are doing with CrossFit, one persons strength is always another weakness. Closing these gaps and filling in the holes is hard, but satisfying. Yoga showed me I am not anywhere near where I want to be with flexibility. In good news, 5 year old Kaya did 10 single reps of pull ups hanging on the bar by herself today. A big acccomplishment.
Special recognition to Randy Ross for hitting a muscle up on the rings, Dan Binkowitz for bench pressing 205 lbs and Dominic Sirianni for Split jerking 240lbs, deadlifting 365lbs and getting two dead hang pull ups, all in one week!