Runner rug, plants, more and more paint. The details, the details, the details….
We have had several clients through to give the place a run and to work out the kinks before the official opening. The lobby is shaping up quickly with paint on the baseboards and bathroom door. Thanks to Eddie for the help. Saturday I took a short walk to the Biscayne Market and met some nice people involved in massage, organic food and a local newspaper and invited them to the opening. Also Saturday Nikos and Joy (Peter’s parents) came by and again helped out. Their help has been immensely valuable, from the beautiful curtain covering our garage door to the reinforcement of the second level. As I type this LL Court J is trying to hang new lights and getting to the point of massive frustration. Needless to say we are all looking forward to Saturday and seeing this thing fly. Hard work and patience.

Saturday workout…
5 rounds of….

100 jump rope
10 push ups
40 LB KB swing x 10
35 db Split snatch x 5

Sunday workout…..
135 lb. bench press x20
ring row x15
push up x15
pull up x8
no rest
repeat x3

40 lb kettle bell swing x10 each arm
25 lb ball slam x10
single leg push up x20
jumping jacks x50
no rest
repeat x3