Tried out the TABATA method for incline treadmill run and squats today.
I set the incline to 12.5 and the speed at 7.5mph.
Legs fatigued after the 4th round of incline running but made it through to the end.
I hit an average of 20 or so squats in the 20 second period. Next time I will perform it with some weight in arms or perhaps the vest.

“TABATA”-20 seconds of all out work( 1 rep or more/second)
– 10 seconds of rest
– 8 rounds for a total of 4 minutes.

Can be done with any exercise.

Also tried it on a client with no weight right after a round of “SERA” as a prelude.

“SERA”- 100 rope skips
– 10 walk out to push up
– 20 BW squats

Peter K