Welp, Saturday was somewhat of a rest day.

Sunday, up at 5:00 am and on to Crandon Park for race 2 in the Key Biscayne Triathlon Trilogy.
In the first five strokes of the swim I had my ankle timing chip stripped from my ankle by another swimmer, thus disqualifying me from the official standings. I was happy that I started my watch.
It was a tough day. Choppy water made for a bumpy swim as the front four of us kept bumping and had a sloppy turn that included all of us getting tangled and then having to move around the slowest swimmers from the previous wave (these races are started in waves seven minutes apart to ensure safety) . I was third out of the water, about 15th or so after the bike and ended in 10th for my group, 52nd or 53rd overall, about 10 places better than last time. Not bad for a 1,000 person race. The bike ride was brutal as the last half was head on into the wind, some of it uphill.

58:49 total time, 40 seconds slower than last time…I know I was moving faster, but conditions take their toll. The run was very hot as the sun had gotten up and there was no cloud cover. Next time I will break 58:00. COnsidering last season I couldn’t break an hour, I feel pretty good about my overall fitness progress and look forward to racing. I used to get nervous and wonder why I was doing these things. Now I get relaxed and anytime the question of why enters into my head, it’s answered right away with , ‘To be your best stupid, NOW GO!!!’.