Perform these in order until done. Rest for 1-2 minutes. Repeat for 5 revolutions. Record your time.

50 jumping jacks
10 burpees*
(*modify if needed to complete due to stiffness in the back half of your body. You could do this by performing a double knee tuck from a plank position followed by a double leg extension followed by a push up for 15 reps. Perform in a smooth manner combining moves.)
20 KB swings with 30lb kettle bell. A dumbbell may be substituted.
10 lateral cone touches. Cones are set at 8′ apart. Use any 12″ object as substitute. ( 1 rep is a completion of 2 cone touches)

Posted client times ranged from under 2 minutes to just over 3 minutes. Experienced clients should be able to score under 2 minutes.
This can be used as a warm up or as an early a.m. client noted, an “I am awake now” workout. She had planned on going to nap after our 8am session. She did not follow through with that after our session. Who needs coffee?