Another good Saturday in the books. Heavy bag is in the space, 100 pounds of hittin’ fun. Also got a great deal on some 80, 70, 60 and 40 lb. hex dumbbells down in south Miami. A little Saturday drive for a good cause. Thanks craigslist.
Built the first of many medicine balls out of an old dead basketball, 25 lb. of sand, heavy duty super glue and outdoor grade duct tape. More on this including photo’s and a simple how-to as soon as the camera is back.
Word on the street is that there is a kegger in store to get the keg ready for heavy lifting. First you must empty the keg, then you must fill the keg, last you must lift the keg. Oh yeah der ey?
Anyone interested in a pre-opening viewing, drop us a line and be the first to say you saw it before we blew up. Grand opeing should be sometime in mid-late April on a Saturday afternoon/evening with tunes, drinks and good times.