Monday was Work Capacity day, which meant that I got the pleasure of procuring a sledgehammer from the local hardware store as well as a tire from one of the less luxurious tire dealers in the city. I pulled up as three rough necks tossed old tires into the back of their pick up truck for disposal.

When I asked if they had any tires they wanted to get rid of, they gave me a funny look. I told them I wanted an old used tire they were going to throw out. They gave me a nice SUV tire which I cleaned up and used, although it proved to be a little weak and got replaced the next day….


10 minutes of:
-two 35 lb. dumbbell snatches per arm
-six burpees
repeat as many times as possible in ten minutes.

Followed immediately by….
10 minutes of 12 lb. hammer swing into tire, alternating sides every five swings

Finishing with…
5 minutes hitting the heavy bag, focusing on power, mixing in speed at the end to finish.

I hit the local pool and did…
-300 yard warm up
-8 50 yard fly/free splits
-4 100 yard IM
-8 25 yard sprints, focusing on minimal breathing
-100 yard cool down
-big stretch

Went and played one sweaty game of full court pick up basketball at the local park. Played hard, lost. What to do when the rest of the guys on the pick up team are all at least 40 pounds overweight? RUN and GUN, alone.

Brute Strength Wednesday

A. Single arm dumbbell push press w/ 70 lb. db x4 each arm, 4 sets with 90 seconds rest

B. 100 lb. heavy bag shoulder (pick it up, get it on your shoulder) x8, 4 sets with 90 seconds rest

C1. Step ups onto 16 inch block w/ two 60 lb. db’s x6 each leg
C2. Deadlift w/ two 60 lb. db’s x8
4 super sets with 60 seconds rest in between

D1. 40 lb. weighted vest pull ups x5
D2. 40 lb. weighted vest ring dips x10
4 super sets with 60 seconds rest in between
The first three sets were completed, set four I failed on the fourth pull and the sixth dip.

Farmers Walk with two 80 lb. dumbbells…all this is is pick it up and walk until you can’t hold it any more, usually due to grip failure.
Three sets

Protein, sleep.