Tilburg, Holland

Woke up at 7: 05, reset the alarm to 7:35. Woke up, went for a run on the city streets.
Lots of people going to work, all walking or biking. VERY few cars. No one else running. Who needs to when you walk or bike everywhere. No cars to be afraid of so why wouldn’t you?
Cold out, about 54 in the morning. Found a park with a cool rope course, bars and a wire line about 50 ft. long. Ran for 20 minutes there, did a few pulls, pushes and ran back, trying to keep up with bikers. Did 100 push ups/100 squats in 3:15.

Otto and I spent the day from 10am-6:30pm working with THIS (click for link).
Did a bunch of high box jumps onto the stage and risers, wall handstand push ups and stuff for a bit.

Went and ate at the artist meal hall and then went and saw THE SUN RA ARKESTRA.
Holy shit, I cried during their first song. Some of these guys have been with the band for 50 years. I never, ever thought I would see these people play music and tonight I went and saw them for the first time. The thing is, they’re playing one block away from our hotel FOR THE NEXT FIVE NIGHTS IN A ROW, two sets each night covering a decade of music each night. Tonight was big band standards like Ellington and such.

Relaxing in the small Euro style toilet-and-shower-down-the-hall hotel until 8am rise and run.

Pre bed:
25 push up, 25 full range sit up, 25 squat x4=300
9:45, focusing on form more than speed.