Friday was supposed to be a rest day but turned into more of a ‘greasing the groove’ day with pull ups, rope climbs, and and several group class warm ups, cool downs, stretches.

Saturday was a complete crash rest day. Stayed in bed, got up to eat, slept, fell into the pool, slept, repeat.

Sunday picked it back up, though I didn’t feel 100%

135 lb squat x20
ring push up x20
135 lb deadlift x20
ring dip x20 first set/x15 second set

two circuits, rest for 30 seconds between exercises.

30 lb. dumbbell two arm jumping overhead press x20
40 lb dumbbell chest press x20
30 lb kettle bell swing x13 per arm
baseball grip side pull up x15

two circuits, rest for 30 seconds between exercises.

Tough workout, cardiovascular and strength.

Monday was back to Ross Training Infinite Intensity.

10 rounds of:

5 pull ups (alternating between rings and bar)
10 ball slams (alternating between 25 lb sand ball and 12 lb ruber ball)
15 burpees (ouch)
20 jacks

For time.
Closer to puking than I have come in a long time. Figured out the sand ball is too heavy for this workout. No more than 12 lbs.