Here is a link to my favorite new protein.
Jay Robb Whey Protein
I had cut whey out of my diet for a while as almost all of it contains some sort of artificial sweetener. Acesesulfame Potassium sounds like something that might be good for you. It is in fact an under tested artificial sweetener that has led to cancer in mice. Check your protein, you are more than likely getting this or sucralose in your product.



29 lb. weighted back pack pull ups x5
rest one minute
29 lb. weighted back pack chin ups x5
rest one minute
29 lb. weighted back pack mixed grip pull ups x5
rest one minute
29 lb. weighted back pack mixed grip pull ups x5
(mixed grip is one hand palm facing away, the other palm facing toward)

“Five Rounds with Baggy Boy”

Rounds are 3:30, whatever time you don’t use is rest. Total time 17:30

You will need a 100 lb. object. We use a heavy bag.

-Bag flip to wall is the first movement. The heavy bag rests about one foot from the wall. Trainee grabs the bag and flips it with a squat up and push out motion, bag hits wall, trainee grabs bag and flips if back to the ground, repeat x10

-Bag squat is the second movement. Bear hug the bag and sumo squat to thighs parallel position.
repeat x10

-Bag hop are the third action. Get up and over the bag with feet facing parallel to the bag.
x20 double leg
x10 right leg
x10 left leg

-Knees is the next action. Hands and elbows on the bag, drive knees into bag at full force

-Last, quickly mount the bag and drive forearm blows into it as hard as you can

My times ranged between 2:20 and 2:30, will shoot for 2:10 next time and cut it to 3:00 minute rounds.


Pull Work

10 Tennis ball pull ups

10 side pulls (grab bar like a baseball bat, with body perpendicular to bar pull up, bringing inside shoulder to bar)

Tabata Burpees

What’s a Tabata?

10 rounds, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for a five minute total.
50 burpees total.


Jumped in the car and went to Legion Park and played three games two on two, managing to sprain my right big toe in the process when the slow guy defending me stuck his foot right in front of mine as my foot landed in a full blown sprint.
As Peter says, “Basketball is a dangerous game.”
I think he means that in a bad way?

Eat, Sleep, Repeat.