Thrursday the 24th Thanksgiving Mega WOD at all locations!! @ 9:00am

Post-Food coma Friday schedule: 305/A1A/SRCF – 9:00am Reloaded & 10:00am Crossfit
262 – 9:00am to 11:00am Open Gym
We’re thankful for YOU.

CrossFit A1A, CrossFit 305, Stirling Road CrossFit, CrossFit 262 – CrossFit

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The Method Squat Mobility Test (AMRAP – Rounds)

Use this as a warm up or a repeatable test.

Stand with your feet squeezing a bumper plate. Focus on gripping the ground with your heel and the outer edge of your foot. You should feel increased stability.

Each rep begins by pushing the hips back and pushing the knees out. For each of the following repetitions, complete a 20 second hold with a 10 second rest.

1. Quarter squat

2. Half Squat

3. Just Above Parallel

4. just Below Parallel

5. Hands up Below Parallel

6. PVC overhead squat (waiter hold if possible)

7. Narrow grip PVC overhead squat

8. Hands together PVC overhead squat

Only progress to the next step after mastering the previous. If you’re unable to progress, stay at that level for the remainder of the repetitions. Note the Level (1-8) you were able to master.

Partners In Pain (Time)

With a partner, alternating as needed:

50, 40, 30, 20, 10

Front Squat 95/63

Calorie Row

Bar must be put down to switch.

RX+ = 115/83

Coach’s choice abs

Your coach is evil and will torture you for an undetermined amount of time.