Wednesday night….
10 sqauts @ 135
10 deadlifts @ 135
sprint quarter mile
repeat x5 no rest
with sixth quarter mile sprint

Sprint 50 meters, jog back, add in leg exercise (squat, lunge, etc.) x4

pushup x25
squat x25
repeat x4 no rest for a total of 100 each

Paulo dropped off the sign and lettering for the wall that says ‘this is it’. As our spot is rather small many people have asked, “This is it?” Now instead of an answer, we simply have to point to the foot tell letters on the wall. We picked up more flooring from a local distributor that we found. Oof! Cheaper and better than the stuff we got online. Live and learn.

Thursday morning…
30 minutes conditioning drills
1 minute on, 30 seconds off
push ups
shoulder press
bicep curls
weighted punches