What Makes Us Different

There are a lot of choices for gyms around Miami now, why should I come to you?

We are the third facility affiliated with CrossFit in the greater Miami area and have been certified personal trainers for much longer. CrossFit gyms are individually owned and operated. We are NOT a franchise. Think yoga. Many different styles & disciplines, many different outcomes. We practice true CrossFit without the need to dress it up, make it fancy or turn it into something it is not. The beauty is in the simplicity.

We encourage you to check out the other local gyms, ask questions, see what is right for you and make your decision. If price is your only concern, we may not be right for you. If getting the most out of your CrossFit experience is what you want, we are your gym.

We know there are cheaper gyms. We do not compete on price, we compete on quality. Cheap work ain’t good, good work ain’t cheap. We value your time as well as ours. Our quality speaks for itself. We guarantee results.

Again, CrossFit gyms are similar but vastly different. We are glad you found CrossFit; done correctly it’s the best strength and conditioning program there is and will get you your best fitness. At CrossFit 305, we guarantee it.

  • Different workout every day
  • Individualized attention
  • Access to 2 locations
  • Open and supportive community

Our Core Values

305 is dedicated to providing the highest quality fitness experience for our members. In order to do so, our team is dedicated to being in line with the following core values.  


305 is a group of people who are committed to the cultivation of positive relationships within 305 and also our local, national and global communities through the avenue of health and fitness.


We commit to quality in every aspect of our business. The quality of our coaches is second to none.


Transparency in everything we do, including pricing, programming and day to day operations.

Less is More

We believe strongly in a fundamental approach to fitness. Learn the basics, master them. Then and only then progress to more advanced movement.


Members are the life-source, the heart of 305. Without them, 305 does not exist. We are dedicated to putting our members at the very center of everything we do and are committed to improving the quality of life, health and well-being of our members.

Live the Code

At all 305 locations, staff must embody and live a fitness lifestyle. This includes a commitment to exercise, clean diet and healthy lifestyle choices.


Regardless of background, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation, we respect everyone equally.


People of all levels train with us. Whether you are a first timer or an experienced athlete, we have the skills and tools to adapt our programs to fit your needs. As a member, your safety is our first concern. You will never be asked to do something you’re not comfortable with.


You choose to invest your time with us, we promise to invest our time, energy and resources into you.

Positive Mental Attitude

Regardless of the situation display a positive attitude. Don’t just display it, embody and own it.

Be Humble

No member of our team is greater than the whole.