Today we tied up odds and ends, brainstormed and got ready for the last weekend before we officially open. Yesterday we got our huge delux-o-matic mirror painted, got another dry erase board ready and arranged the place into what we think it will look like at the finish line….one more week.


a few parts of the morning class (shameless plug…WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS AT MORNINGSIDE PARK, GROUP FITNESS CLASSES 9:15AM)

followed by…

Overhead squat warm up, one handed push up drills, jumping jacks.
ez-curl bar 35lb single arm curls x10 2 sets
bench dips x15 2 sets
45 lb. overhead press x10 2 sets

three rounds of:
55lb. dumbbell snatch x6
55lb. dumbbell overhead swing x6
burpees x10

super set of:
cable fly
double arm cable bicep curls
double arm cable shoulder press down
cable lat pull
…on cable crossover
x12 each
3 sets
(vanity super size mirror sets)