We have been accepted as a CrossFit affilitate.
We will be offering classes at 7am, 9am and 6pm starting next week focusing on the WOD’s posted at, as well as offering foundations classes twice a week Monday at 7pm and Saturday at noon for those not familiar with CrossFit methods. Remember, this is a constantly varied fitness program that can be adapted to any age and ability.
Overweight? no problem.
Pregnant? good deal.
Over sixty? we’ve got people that age.
Never worked out? no worries.
We can turn anybody
into a functioning athlete.
Just ask around.

WOD Deadlift 5 sets of 3
Warmup… 20 lb vest. for all exercises 185 deadlift x10 chin up x5 40 lb Kettlebell snatch x5 per arm burpee x5 3 rounds, rest as needed
Then, against better judgment, Deadlift… 265 x3 225 x3 205 x3
This led me to go home and read Starting Strength’s section on deadlifting…again. My body is not built for this lift but in order to teach it I have to master it.

Dominic and Pete both pulled 365 x3, Dom hit 385 once. Way to go you compact f#$%ers. Pete then did 50 burpees in a blazing 2:06…way to GO!!!
Joe did 275 or something thrice on the DL and set a new PR in the mile run of 5:52.
In non lifting news…

(yes, those are jerky funderwear…)

How to make jerky while you sleep (mostly)…
1 or 2 pounds top sirloin beef, thin sliced (ask the butcher) Any amount of any marinade/spice/sauce
Combine ingredients, let it soak fro as long as you feel appropriate. Pre heat oven to 175 degrees. Cover your bottom oven rack with foil and lay the beef out on the top rack Let it bake (dehydrate essentially) for 8-10 hours (I do this overnight and have a great snack for the whole family and friends the next day.) Remove and enjoy a tasty snack that has none of the preservatives of the store bought variety and twice the flavor at a quarter the cost. Not that this stuff will last, but don’t let it sit around for more than a week.