Weighted Pull Ups 11am
Bodyweight slow as possible x5
40 lb. KB x5
70 lb. (40 and 30 KB) x2
80 lb. (40, 30kb, 10 lb plate) x2
95 lb. (40, 30kb, 2×10 lb plate, 5 lb plate) x1
90 lb. (40, 30kb, 2×10 lb plate) x1

Last two got stuck half way through the rep, had a light spot to finish and then fought the negative motion all the way down to dead hang. Goal is over 100 lb. no spot by February 16th.

Check out this link to an interesting site that takes workouts over the top:
Mountain Athlete
Also, here is a good read that keeps thing simple.
Primal Blueprint
Thanks to Joseph for the links. Also, if you like what you’re reading give us some feedback on your own workout, what you’re doing or the links you follow.