The Key to NOT Peeing during Double Unders.

The Key to NOT Peeing during Double Unders.

Stop doing Double Unders! Take a seat. What I’m about to say will blow your mind. Well, it’ll at least make you aware of muscles you don’t train regularly, and just might fix a thing or two. Seated? Great! Please make sure it’s a toilet you’re sitting on. Now start to pee. Ok, stop. Now start again. Ok, stop again. Feel that? That’s a Kegel. Don’t keep going. Too many of those during urination can actually lead to problems, but 3 sets of 10 a day can lead to a stronger pelvic floor and maybe even less peeing during double unders!

When should you do them? 
Anytime. Done is better than perfect! You can do these in the car, sitting on the couch, in bed, where ever, when ever. 3 sets of 10 is great, but more is good too. Practice at the pace you’re ‘losing it’ at. Don’t use the bigger muscles (glutes, quads, etc) to do the work. Focus on that ‘pee-stop’ muscle and pulse. Add a few pauses. If it’s double unders, practice at a brisk pace. If it’s 1rm squats, go slow.

Isn’t this just for women? 
Nope. NOT AT ALL! I personally know a group of guys that have gotten (ahem) great results from using these. Lets just say they’re more ‘robust’ now and have an increased ability to do ‘one-more-rep’. All of that blood flow from exercising the pelvic floor creates strength EVERYWHERE.

So, like, results after 2 sessions, right?
Absolutely (NOT)! Just like anything worth under taking, it takes time! It can take weeks or months depending on your pelvic fitness level ( I think I just made that up…what’s your PFL?) Just like anything, if you have questions or you’re not getting what you want talk to your coach and doctor.

Don’t wait, start now. Do it every day. Realize gains now, thank me later. 


Michelle is down over 21 pounds!

Michelle is down over 21 pounds!

What was the hardest part about losing weight?

Honestly, I think the hardest part is making the commitment that you really want to lose weight. I had to make some major changes in my diet and get back into an exercise routine, but once I decided that this was what I really wanted to do and that I had to make these adjustments to see results everything started falling into place. You really have to want it and then it is just a matter of following the program.

What was the easiest part?

The program has some amazing recipes and I was never hungry. I followed it by the book and wrote down everything I ate but there are so many options that it actually is fun and you realize that you can lose weight eating yummy food.

You did the program while traveling to Brazil, tell me about that.

That was my first trip while on the program and my second biggest challenge (The first, was quitting drinking, which I had done a month before starting the program and realized that alcohol really slows down weight loss, but we can get into that another time). Going to Brazil meant that I was going to be around drinking and a lot of fatty foods that were not part of my current diet. The surprise was that I managed 10 days in Brazil and did not drink or eat anything that was off the charts from the program and I did not suffer over it or feel that I was missing out. There were enough healthy foods that made me satisfied and again I learned that you can adapt your diet and enjoy vacations, it is all about making choices. I think I lost 1lb while I was there when in the past I always gained at least 3 when I was in Brazil.

You’re continuing on with the program, what’s your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is to find balance on the long run and continue with this new and healthier lifestyle. I need the accountability and this program gives great support (Dan is awesome!) to make me accountable. Next step is to really get the exercise going stronger and to lose more fat and gain muscle. You can be healthy and still have fun, with the bonus of looking and feeling great!!!!

Thank you Dan and A1A!