Front Squat with 95lbs

20/10 (work/rest)

I performed CROSSFIT’S “Fran” (95lb Thruster, Pull ups-21,15,9) in 7:49
Would like to knock off 1 minute off of that time. Need to work on my kips.

Have a great week!
Peter K

Ill be joining Dan at the Nov 1 crossfit cert seminar in West Palm Beach, Fla. Looking forward to it!


Monday Miles


Mile One
10 Minutes rest
Mile Two
10 Minutes rest
Mile Three

Felt pretty good, a little too muscle heavy, legs dead from yesterdays gymming.
Final goal is to break 5:00 on the mile. Need rest on the legs.

Signed up for the Nov. 1 and 2 Crossfit Certification Seminar. PUMPED!

The weekend

Friday did Pete’s ‘Margarita aka Cockstamp’
Rounds of 15, 12 and 8 reps for the following:
Squat Clean


Kipping Pull up

A brutal workout. 9:36 total time

Saturday ran the mile with Joseph with the goal for him to set a new PR under 6:20. We crossed the line at 6:14. Way to go Joe! After that we went to the park and ran stairs and 10×100 sprints. Good stuff.

Sunday I rode my bike for a while in the rain, then went to the one of the local gyms and the owner was nice enough to let em use the place free for the day.

50 lb db snatch x8 each arm
10 burpees
65 lb db snatch x6 each arm
10 burpees
65 lb db snatch x 6 each arm
10 burpees

15 sqaut cleans, 65 lb
20 lb russian twist x40
3 sets

elevated one arm push up x6 each arm
30 lb weighted dips x10
jump squat x10
feet up bodyweight shoulder press x10
30 lb weighted dip x5, bw dip x5
jump squat x10

65 lb deadlift high pull x15
3 sets

feet up push up x10 w/ three second hold at bottom
30 lb weighted dip x5, bw dip x5
jump squat x10

bw bicep curl pull ups x10
35 lb. stiff arm plate raise x10
3 sets

stretch, protein carb drink


Once again heavier deadlifts have left my back sore as hell. Not too bad sore, but sure can feel it.
Anyway, Tuesday after the lifts, ran a 5k in 22:25. Good job Joseph!

Wednesday did much of the evening class, focusing on legs.

This morning hit the Doormouse Intervals at Idol’s Gym with Joe.
Thirty minutes of 60 seconds on, 30 seconds off of burpees, lunges, sit ups, back extensions, plank, plate twists, push up/pull up split, etc., finishing with 20 burpees and a decent stretch.