Wednesday Morning

A hot and sweaty outdoor workout.

1.Five minute jog to warm up

2. Drills: ladder two ins, lateral cone wave, sprint 75m out, 180 degree turn, 100m back.
Three rounds with one minute rest

3. Chest circuit:
a. black band press
b. red band double chest fly
c. blue band triceps kick back
45 seconds on/30 seconds off
two circuits with one minute between circuits

4. Drills: repeat step 2

5. Back circuit:
a. bodyweight row
b. single arm band row with step back lunge
c. stiff arm band row
45 seconds on/30 seconds off
two circuits with one minute between circuits

5. core

6. stretch

Speed and recovery

Inspired by this video:
I decided that a few more squats supersetted with half mile runs would be good.

1. 95lb squat x20
half mile-2:40
2. 135 lb squat x20
half mile-2:32
3. 135 lb squat x20
half mile-2:31
4. 95lb squat x20
half mile-2:22

No rest between squat and run, 2:30 rest between each super set.

We decided that this is a good one for all triathletes as it forces the pre-exhausted quadriceps to react to a quick run start, one of the hardest parts in a multi sport race.

Warmed up with Kaya doing push ups, pull ups, squats, etc. Peter helped push on the last half mile by running the second lap right on my heels. It helped big time. Gonna have to recruit four people when I go to the track to get a current time for the half.

Finished with a nice rope-assisted leg stretch (thanks late night Golf Channel). Felt really strong on the half miles and have been enjoying the track work…gonna do 1600’s and 200’s Thursday.

How long does it take to tie your shoes?


The swimming course was changed and made longer. It’s usually just under a quarter mile, this time just over. I forgot my elastic easy-on shoes. Had to run in some others that forced me to sit down and tie them in the transition. BLEH! Anyway, PR by two seconds on a very hot day with a longer swim. I’ll take it. The spinning classes from Wisconsin helper me to cut over a minute from the bike, and my run was 23 seconds faster than last time. Transition two (shoes!) was 30 seconds slower.

Later on went to the beach and soaked in TOO MUCH sun. Had a blast though laying in the surf and letting it kick me all around. Kaya and I laughed it up as we got water up our nose, in our ears and everywhere else. It was a beautiful picturesque Sunday with clear water and a soft cloud line on the horizon.

Today I did much of the morning class, kettle bell dead lifts, db squats, pull ups, bw rows and then took them outside to run the Garage quarter mile. Four of ’em at 90, 80, 75, 60.
Followed up with a light stretch then ran to Idols Gym for:

a1. 65lb barbell dead lift x20
a2. single leg land squat jump x10 each leg
a3. dyno pull ups x10
a4. 30 lb. db chest press x30
a5. hanging leg raises x10

repeat circuit x3 (15 seconds rest between exercises, 1 minute between circuits)

b1. 65lb barbell thruster
b2. close grip hands elevated push up x15
b3. pistol squat w/ 10 lb plate x5 each leg
b4. 25lb plate russian twist (sit on floor, feet up, twist and touch plate on each side)

repeat circuit x3 (15 seconds rest between exercises, 1 minute between circuits)

Mixed in some cardio/plyo drills with these….stair runs, high jumps, side jumps, single leg box jumps, high knee running, etc.

Finished with quarter miles on the treadmill…
75-75-75-75…that’s as fast as it would go.

Walked it back and made a big mess with the cheap-o blender from Target. You get what you pay for.

Ho-kay mang

Thursday did a lot…didn’t log it, just did it. pushing, lots. Bench, push ups, jumping ring muscle ups, and on and on. We did a nice 7:20 mile after, and then I continued alone for a 5k in 20:00 after a few minutes of standing around and talking.

Yesterday just a few warm ups and such with clients and groups.

Today a relaxed 5k in the shaded streets of Morningside.

Tonight relax and eat and sleep.

Tomorrow race.

Wisconsin was great. Got in a couple of really good spinning classes with my dad (still kicking butt at 67, I hope to get there in that shape), a good outdoor session with my sister that led her to do more of the same with my bro in law, some good hamstring suggestions for my mom and plenty of running about with the childrens. Yes, childrens.

It was interesting to work out in a more conventional gym again. At first it was frustrating trying to find an actual pull up bar, then a pull up bar to swing on, then a place to jump around. Eventually I worked it out, but those places are not built for what I want to do…although fun, functional and worth while, I want a rope, some rings, a bag to hit the crap out of, and a loud stereo with quality music.

Got in a lot of pulling, jumping, weighted dipping, some good full court five on five, two miles of sprint walk intervals with my dad, a nice walk with my mom, a nice vanity lift with T and some good conditioning alone.

This week has been one of more experimentation in the space. The Olympic rings have really inspired and I’ve spent a good deal of time/energy just randomly hanging from things, pulling up on things, jumping ang grabbing to a hang on the bar…more play, less work. Still doing lifts, but more concentrated sets throughout the day in short bursts.
Yesterday did quarter miles at our lovely Lil Haiti road track.
75-69-65-65 on three minutes.
Today did field sprints at the park, maybe 125 yards. Ten of them , broken into two groups of five throughout a great park bodyweight workout.
The first four of each set were ramping up, with the second half starting with an explosion and staying at top speed to the finish.

Good days of heavy rain down here. Time to buy some chalk.