Monday and Tuesday

A couple of days filled with experiments in free form training. No sets, no times, no numbers.
Just movements for feeling. Trying out new things such as hands off pull ups (pull up hard, release grip, re-grip, repeat) and burpees transitioning to pull ups, single arm holds on the rings, etc. Climbing from the rope to the rings and back, working grip strength. We need some monkey bars/free hanging objects to climb around on.

Did the 100/100 both days…100 push ups, 100 squats in any order/set quantity.
2:55 both days. trying to get it to 2:45, gotta find the right combination.

Tomorrow it’s time to perform the Garage Strongmang.
20,000 pounds of lifts for time. High noon start time. AAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Friday morning we put a couple of guys through a damn grueling workout.
Modified FRAN, 100/100, BAM! and more, all in one day. High quality stuff!
Good job Randy and Mark. As stated, all star status.

Did a bunch of randomness on Friday, call it all day open source training.
jump rope practice, pull ups, push ups, burpees, squats, cardio drills, bla bla bla

Saturday went to the court and got to play four games of two on two with Isaac, Bink and Billy.
It’s interesting to see how fitness plays into these games as time ticks by. Game one and game four were whole different worlds. Fun times.
Before I hit the shower, I decided to max out on push ups. I’ve never gotten above 55, but I have not tested in months. If I’m not super convinced about the visual results of my current program, I am more convinced than ever that visual results are not all they are made out to be in modern fitness. My goal was 60. I got through 50 easier than usual, started to slow at 58, broke 60, mentally refocused and banged out ten more for 70. There might have been three or four more left in the tank, but I lost focus and went to the shower.

Sunday, went to the South Beach track for 10×100 meter sprints.
I decided four p.m. would be good for mental toughness as the 90 degree weather worked it’s magic. There were no markings for 100 meters, so I just walked off 125 steps and went for it, sitting right at 15 seconds per dash, walking it back in about 1:25 and repeating. By number 6 I was hitting the wall but focused on arm drive and kept the pace, really feeling it in the quadriceps.


BAM! (for time)

20 bodyweight squats
15 ft agility ladder drill forward, two feet in each
10 push ups
15 ft agility ladder drill lateral, two feet in each
40 bicycle crunches
Repeat circuit three times as fast as possible.
Round one with 40 lb. X-vest 3:41
Round two no vest 2:53

Later on, took a 6 block walk to the pool with a 41 pound squirming head slapping weight on my shoulders with a stop for a smoothie on the way.
Thankfully the public pools kids area had what the life guard called ‘an accident’. I call it a kid crapping in the pool. We went to the kiddie park for a while to let it empty out and went back to the lap pool (separate from urine pond) and got a lane. My little girl is now goggled and swimming full laps without a problem.

200m freestyle warm up at quarter mile race pace
4×100 IM (one minute rest between)


50 meter single arm stroke work
50 meter kick

Walked back home with the ‘lil one on my shoulders. Darn thing is getting heavy.


Put on the 40 lb. vest and worked through the group workout.
Kettle bell tosses, single arm rows, lots of jumping jacks, push ups, burpees, sledgehammering the tower. Good sweaty stuff.

Easiest thing in the world

One cup soy milk
One cup oatmeal
One scoop Jay Robb chocolate whey protein powder

fat-9g (saturated 1.5g)
carbs-60g (fiber 9g, sugars 6g)