Thursday the 26th

Woke up and ate yogurt. Ate a lot of yogurt over the past couple of days. It’s on sale, the organic kind, at the supermarket. Ten for six bucks. Throw in some oatmeal, some banana, delicious.


1 minute on/30 seconds off
Jumping Jacks
Split runs
The Bear

Something else….can’t remember
6 rounds, 9 minutes

Ross Training day 4

30 seconds burpees
30 seconds jumping jacks
30 seconds high knee running with 8 lb dumbbell alternating shoulder press
30 seconds shadow box/heavy bag

All exercises are to be performed as fast as possible with maximum exertion.
5 rounds, 10 minutes

Core work…
Standing ab wheel roll outs (brutal) x5
V-ups x15
Russian Twist x20
Bicycle x100

I wanted to do the core work three or four times, only got to do it once. I’ll finish it tomorrow.

Pool work.
5 minute moderate intensity front crawl warm up.

4×100 meter Individual Medley (back, breast, fly, free)
I do this in a 12.5 meter pool, so there are quite a few turns but it works.

1. 1:44
2. 1:39
3. 1:42
4. 1:36

Done at three minutes, so between 1:16 and 1:21 rest period.

Cool down while the little one swam her laps…she’s getting fast and learning to breathe….followed by not enough stretching.

Tuesday and Wednesday


4 x 800 meters with 90 seconds rest

1. 2:50
2. 2:50
3. 2:55
4. 2:44

4 x80 meter sprints
11 seconds each

Core training:
-The flag x5 (back on bench, raise body to shoulder blades, feet straight up, lower body as slow as possible)
-Supermans on Swiss ball x15
-Side bends x 6 each side w/ 60 lb. db (grab dumbbell, let weight slide down leg, raise weight to hip)
-Twisting wall slams with 12 lb med ball x8 each side

Repeat circuit x3


a. 1 Arm db clean and press w/ 75 lb. db x3 per arm, 4 sets, 90 seconds rest

b. 1 Arm db snatch w/ 70 lb. db x4 per arm, 4 sets, 90 seconds rest

c1. one leg pistol squat x5 each leg
c2. glute hamstring raise x5
4 super sets sets, 45 seconds rest

d1. 35lb. weighted pull up/chin up x5
d2. 35. lb weighted push up with feet up x15
4 super sets, 45 seconds rest


Visit Ross Training, this guy is for real.


The Magic 50
By Ross Enamait – Published in 2005

The Magic 50 is one of many routines contained within the Infinite Intensity training manual. The workout is listed below.
Perform 5 circuits of the following:

5 Dumbbell Snatches Per Arm
5 Dumbbell Swings Per Arm
10 Burpees
Rest 60 seconds and repeat

Continue until you have performed five complete circuits. Limit rest to 60 seconds or less between each circuit. Advanced athletes will work through the entire routine with minimal rest. The total workout consists of 50 dumbbell snatches, 50 dumbbell swings, and 50 burpees. This routine is brief, yet extremely intense. If the workout does not pose an adequate challenge, you should increase the weight of your dumbbell. More iron always equals more intensity. You can use one or two dumbbells for this routine. Certain individuals may snatch much more weight than they can swing. In these instances, you can set up two side-by-side stations. The heavier dumbbell will be used for snatches. You will then side step to your second station and perform swings with the lighter dumbbell. If you do not possess a considerable strength difference between snatches and swings, stick with one dumbbell. It will allow for a faster transition between movements. Whether using one or two dumbbells, choose the heaviest load that you can handle. The key to this workout’s success is to move from one exercise to the next, as fast as possible. If you use two dumbbells, limit time between movements. You will start by snatching the dumbbell five times with each hand. Start with your non-dominant hand (ex. left hand snatch x 5, then right hand snatch x 5). After completing the snatches, perform five dumbbell swings with each hand (no rest between movements). Quickly drop the dumbbell and perform 10 explosive burpees. Focus on maximum exertion with each effort. Recover quickly and continue with another pass through the circuit. At the conclusion of five circuits, your heart will be beating like a drum. Continually challenge yourself to reduce the total time required to complete the circuit. This routine will do wonders for work capacity and explosive endurance. Conditioning workouts need not be lengthy.
Intensity is much more important than the duration of the workout.
For example, one boxer may jog for 40 minutes to satisfy his “roadwork” requirements. The athlete who stays home and performs The Magic 50 routine will finish his workout in half the time. He will achieve far more benefits from this brief circuit. As Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” When you step inside the ring, your opponent is the enemy. This workout can be performed 1 to 3 days per week depending on your condition and weekly workload. This workout is just one of many that is featured in the Infinite Intensity text. A complete 50 day program is also included, with details on how to construct a routine specific to your goals.

Smashing the hour barrier

I spent the last two seasons of triathlons riding 3″ too high in the saddle which hurt my hips, numbed my back, on occasion made it so I couldn’t feel my nether regions after the bike ride (!!!) and always slowed me on the run portion of the race.

Yesterday I went to the nice folks and Scoot Skate and Bike at 18th and Biscayne, got myself a great tune up and today it was like riding a new bike. I broke the hour barrier with a 58:09. This was something that I tried to achieve for two years without success and a simple equipment tweak was all the difference.

Many people feel that they have their workout, they can do it on their own and no one can tell them different or better. I still seek out trainers and learn from them through working out with them. Some use heavy lifting and slow movement, some fast and brutal circuits, others controlled movement focused on bio mechanical correctness. Every one that I have hired has had something to offer. Never underestimate the power that an informed and educated outside perspective can have. I’d still be doing sets on machines if I hadn’t been taught better. Everyday is still a chance to gain knowledge.

Wednesday, Thursday, etc.

Wednesday was a rest day, with a few pull ups in slow motion, along with a warm up in order to do some solid stretching routines. The Fight Gone Bad really took its toll leaving my hamstrings sore for the whole week.

Thursday I had the opportunity to play basketball at the home of Bee Gee great Barry Gibb. A full court, 15 guys and games until no one could keep going. A great way to spend an evening. I left sweaty, tired and smiling.

Friday was another light day as Sunday is the first in the Key Biscayne Triathlon trilogy. Did some of the morning class core work as well as the evening class warm up and leg/glute/core work.

Today, no work out. A full rest day and carb loading, as well as a much needed bike tune up, goggle test and gear readying. Time to see how these newly explosive legs put up with an hour of straight GO!